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SQL Beginner Advanced

Gain practical experience through hands-on projects, ensuring you're well-prepared for a successful career in database administration, data analysis, or software development.

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  • 23 december 2023
  • English

Benefits of the course

  • Grasp the core concepts and principles of the React JavaScript library.
  • Understand the importance of component-based architecture in building scalable applications.
  • Master the handling of state and props, fundamental to React component development.
  • Implement routing and navigation in single-page applications using React Router.
  • Dive into React hooks and functional components for modern and efficient development.
  • Learn how to connect React applications to external APIs and manage asynchronous data.

Course Content

  • Overview of relational databases
  • Understanding database management systems (DBMS)


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€299 €399
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  • LanguageEnglish
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  • Course Duration: 800u

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  • The course materials for "SQL Beginner Advanced" include comprehensive lecture notes, hands-on practice exercises, access to a database for practical application, and supplementary resources such as video tutorials and reference materials.

Target Audience

  • The "SQL Beginner Advanced" course is designed for individuals seeking to master SQL, ranging from beginners aiming to grasp database fundamentals to those desiring advanced proficiency in database management and manipulation.
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SQL Beginner Advanced
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